About Us

Venus Sexual Wellness is an entirely vegan sexual health and wellness boutique, located in Adelaide, South Australia, that aims to create an inclusive, pleasure positive and educational space.

We are dedicated to providing high quality sex products tools and accessories that are made from body safe materials and confirmed to be free of animal cruelty.

At Venus Sexual Wellness we’ve established a set of core values that we will uphold. We will revisit and refine/redefine these values when we feel necessary. These values are to ensure our community stays safe and welcoming for all.


Veganism is first and foremost an animal rights movement, as you don’t consume animals or their byproducts. It is a global movement that has been followed for decades but has grown exponentially in recent years. 
All of the amazing stuff on the VSW website is vegan and cruelty free! That means no skin, fur, feather or secretions. Yay!

Body Safe
As well as our products being vegan, they are all body safe! There are many sex toys that are made with cheap plastics, chemicals and additives. We want to you to only use the safest products on or in your body.

We are passionate about providing up to date sex education to our VSW community. We want you to feel empowered, inspired and confident with your intimacy, sex and sexual health!

Inclusive & Safe
We want to create an online community that always has open communication, not just on subjects relating to sex. We will always be welcoming to everyone regardless of gender, sex, sexuality, ability, race, kinks and fetishes.


Giving Back

Here at Venus Sexual Wellness we feel that it is important to support our fellow friends that we share this earth with, whether they are human or animal! We donate 5% of each order to a chosen non-for profit organisation of the month. Send us a message if there’s an organisation that you’d love to see getting some donations!