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Welcome to Venus Sexual Wellness boutique!
Australia’s first all vegan sexual health and well-being boutique.
You might be questioning how a sex toy or personal hygiene product couldn’t be vegan or you might more so be wondering what the heck vegan is?
Veganism is a movement in which a person doesn’t consume any part or byproduct of an animal, insect or marine life (essentially any sentient being) as cannot consent and well, it really hurts them. This includes flesh, milk, eggs, honey, skin, fur, feathers, fat, bones, organs etc.
Now, here’s how your sex toys and health products might not be vegan friendly:
Leather: BDSM equipment and fetish wear is most commonly known to be made from leather. There are sturdy faux alternatives such as PU leather but be sure to double check that it is faux as sometimes PU leathers can just be a leather blend that is coated in a poly plastic.
Fur: Those cute furry handcuffs that everyone seems to own at some stages the indeed made from real fur, usually rabbit. Don’t worry though you can find cuffs made of faux fur, steel, silicone and hemp!
Feathers: You’ll find real chicken, goose or duck feathers on sensation tools like ticklers, costume wear and accessories.
Condoms: Ever had an irritation to a certain brand of condoms but not allergic to latex? Well, it could actually be a reaction to dairy or casein. Condoms and lubricants were always manufactured with milk derivatives and some companies are now slowly making the change to eliminate this ingredient from their products. Oh and there are condoms made from sheep intestines. Yikes.
Some companies will often add cheaper, lesser quality plastic blends and additives to alter the quality of their products, resulting in them becoming porous. 
These are some common harmful ingredients to look out for:
  • phthalates
  • toluene
  • carbon disulfide
  • parabens
  • PVC
  • polystyrene
  • dyes and glues
VSW not only cares about the animals and the vegan status of your most personal products, we care about the quality and how safe the materials and ingredients are for our bodies. All of our toys and tools have been rigorously researched to ensure they are safe and not harmful.
We also use due diligence in ensuring our products, packaging and business in general are following environmentally friendly practices. This means using biodegradable, recycled or recyclable materials for orders.
Venus Sexual Wellness is not only an ethical sex toy boutique but an inclusive, safe and respectful community. We’re committed to continually updating our knowledge to provide customers and visitors with a better sex education.
There is a lot in the works for VSW boutique and we cannot wait to share it with you all!


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