Prep Talk: All About Anal Play

So you want to do some butt stuff, that’s great! Our bums are an epicentre of pleasure that are often left neglected, this is totally understandable as the anus can be intimidating for some (because y’know, poo) but if you want to touch the butt or have yours touched, you kind of need to get over it! Yes, sometimes it might be a little messy or it you may never come in contact with the tiniest piece of poop, either way you will need to put your bum-fearing thoughts to rest, butts will do what butts do!
To help ease your worries, you can clean your anus via an anal douche. An anal douche is a handy invention that has a few different forms but generally looks similar to a teat pipette with a large bulb or bottle at one end and a thin nozzle at the other.

Renegade Anal Douche in Black Vegan Personal hygiene product

I’ve created a simple step-by-step for douching:

  1. Ensure the douche is clean and sanitised.
  2. Fill the bulb/bottle with cold to lukewarm water.
  3. Gently insert the nozzle into the rectum, you can use a good quality lubricant to help with this step.
  4. Squeeze the bottle to release the water, allow the water to run out gently for a few seconds before removing the nozzle.
  5. Repeat until clean.


Some important and helpful tips:

*Using lubricant for insertion can be very helpful if you are new to anal play.

*Only water is needed for cleaning, no soaps or special lotions - ours bums can be quite delicate and prone to irritation.

*I recommend doing this over a toilet, bath or shower.

*Douching should be done sparingly, if done too often can damage the lining.

Douching is only a suggestion. You can simply clean your rectum with soap. Insert a finger a few centimetres into the rectum to ensure it is clean.

Now, it's play time!

If this is a new experience try exploring on your own. Get to know what your bum feels like and what kind of movements feel good and where. Apply some quality lube to your bum and finger and insert slowly.
When you feel more comfortable, try adding another finger. Alternatively toys can be used for fantastic anal stimulation. There are butt plugs on the smaller side or anal training kits if you want something less intimidating, these are perfect!
A butt plug can be worn throughout the day or even for 10 minutes to an hour to help stretch the anus gradually.
Remember to be weary of what material are in the sex toys you are using, our precious anuses are very sensitive so be sure to only use body safe materials such as premium cured silicone, glass and steel as these are non-porous.
Our bums are a very strong part of the body, they stretch very well but can also be clenched tight, which is why it is important to pick carefully what we choose to put in them. When picking a toy for your bum, pick one with a larger flared base, this will ensure the toy stays put instead of possibly disappearing and landing yourself in the emergency room.
Remember to use lube! 
Our bums are not self-lubricating so we need to keep adding more lube to ensure there is no tearing and it just makes everything FEEL BETTER. There are lubricants that are designed specifically to be used for anal play, these lubes tend to be thicker and last longer or you can use a good quality water or silicone lube.
If you are worried about possibly making a mess I recommend putting a towel down or jumping in the shower.
It is very important to go at your own pace and be careful. Anal play can be an extremely pleasurable sexual experience whether with another or alone. 
If you are trying anal play with a partner, communicate what you’re comfortable with and what your boundaries are. You can always revoke your consent if it is too overwhelming and you need to stop.

Otherwise, go forth and try some butt stuff! 



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